Our Story

Purpose Before Profit: Parable of the Sower

Matthew 13 illustrates planting seeds intentionally versus aimlessly. Field hockey lacks popularity, resources, and funding. Our purpose is to "sow" fundamentals, "grow" interest, and "show" case talent and passion for the game through enlightening, enlarging, and engaging the field hockey community. Charitable efforts, free tools, and web content allow anyone, anywhere, at any time to achieve their goals.

So Field Hockey X Grass Roots Field Hockey


Two enterprises dedicated to the same cause. So Field Hockey- the business and Grass Roots Field Hockey- the ministry are two partner initiatives that work in tandem to provide people with quality content. A portion of sales profits go directly from the business to charity moments which include equipment drives, free clinics, and summer camp scholarships.

Check out the Shop


Browse the So Field Hockey shop (link below) to purchase merchandise that will support the sport and improve your game. You can also access the store under the "Sew" tab located above.

SHOP HERE:  https://squareup.com/store/so-field-hockey 

Charitable Initiatives

Help Us Grow the Game


We re-purpose equipment donations and then host free clinics where we supply athletes in need with equipment. 


Help send two athletes to summer camp. This year we will identify two eager athletes who want to grow in the game and send them to an overnight summer field hockey camp. 

Support the Cause

You can make a donation to help support any of our charitable programs through our online store. Click Below.